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About Us

Enthutrecht (English Theatre Utrecht)

Who we are

ETU is an amateur theatre initiative that wants to bring English classics to Utrecht as fun and understandable remakes, which will entertain both lovers of the original material and people who are seeing the stories for the first time, and who might not speak English as a first language

One Midsummer Night’s Dream

How it all started

In 2017, an international group of actors was cast for a modern-language version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Utrecht’s Cultural Centre Parnassos. This group worked so well together, and the play was so well-received, that everyone decided that they wanted more!

So here we are, connecting with each other and English-speaking theatre lovers in Utrecht and surroundings!

We need your help to make this play count!

We want to provide the best theatrical experience both for our actors and our audience. We’re looking for sponsors both big and small to be able to finance the theatre, rehearsal space and of course the beautiful costumes to make it even better.

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Our Team


Creative Director


Alex is the original director of our very first play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She has a passion for English theatre and literature, and loves working with enthusiastic amateur actors and seeing them develop their skills.

Alex is self-taught through her experiences in student theatre, her work as an actress in the Amsterdam Dungeon, various voice acting roles in international podcasts and years of work as an acting coach.

In ETU, she takes on the roles of both artistic director and director, and she uses her experiences as an editor for expat media to present a clear and fun experience on stage, that can be enjoyed by anyone!




Anneloes is a passionate whirlwind. She teaches English, wrote for an online magazine, performed as a vocalist in a band and worked as an actress and host on various festivals. She has been on stage doing amateur musical theatre from a young age on. With a love for drag, make up and theatricality she feels right at home, both on stage and backstage.

In ETU she takes on the role of treasurer, where she tries to make sure the boring stuff is all taken care of so we can all focus on what’s happening on stage.




Esther found a passion of theatre at a student theatre group in Groningen and never let that go. During her Bachelor’s, she studied Media and Journalism in California where she learned exactly how great it is to feel part of a new community. One of her goals is to promote theatre as a great hobby among those who have never considered acting before, just like she was once convinced to sign up for that first audition in Groningen.

Esther is the producer of English Theatre Utrecht. She is responsible for financing our productions, external communications and PR and keeps in touch with the venue where we will be performing our favourite classics.


Stage Manager


Marly has enjoyed acting ever since she was young. She also wrote plays, radio plays and film scripts and performed or recorded them at school and at home. She started doing improvisational theatre when she was 9, and at age 13 she started at the youth theatre school in Groningen. After graduation she returned to the stage with A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

At ETU Marly works as the stage manager. She keeps in contact with the actors, and manages props and costumes.

Our Productions


Pride and Prejudice (current)

June 2017

A Midsummer Night’s Dream