See the Bennets, Mr Darcy and all the other beloved characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in an English-language amateur production in Utrecht!

February 2nd, 2018 8:30 pm


February 3rd, 2018   8:30 pm


February 4th, 2018   2:30 pm


Theaterhuis De Berenkuil
Biltstraat 166
3572 BP, Utrecht

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About Pride and Prejudice

The story

Pride and Prejudice is an English love story from the Regency era. It centers around the Bennets; a well-to-do family with five daughters, that is pressured by the fact that women cannot inherit the family estate.

Mrs Bennet is desperate to marry her daughters off to rich gentlemen and secure their future, but the girls are more focused on other things. Elizabeth, especially, is adamant that her partner should be intelligent, kind, and someone she can fall in love with.

Instead, she is confronted with Mr Darcy – a high-class gentleman who is very clear that he does not appreciate her lower rank, Mr Collins – a cousin whose pompous and presumptuous behavior makes her sick, and Mr Wickham – a roguish and charming military man with a sense of danger about him.

Her sisters, in the meantime, are also plagued by unrequited crushes, eligible men with meddling sisters and adolescent urges.

How will Elizabeth and her sisters survive in a society that is fraught with the risk of scandal? Will pride and prejudice obstruct their chances of happiness?

Charming interpretation

This version of the classic romantic novel is a condensed production of less than two hours long. It aims to brings the story’s vibe, charm and wit to life by telling it through its own interpretation.

English Theatre Utrecht brings the costume drama atmosphere to life with a real Regency era feel, while adapting the classic language and more convoluted parts of the story. The result is an accessible production that welcomes a laugh, without shying away from some more dramatic moments.

Music, dance and Austen’s Juvenilia

An interesting addition to the original story is a short home play that the younger Bennet sisters perform around the play’s halfway mark.

It is a remake of a short mini-play that Jane Austen herself wrote when she was little, as humorous home entertainment. This excerpt from her Juvenilia shows a whimsical and chaotic pastime, similar to the at-home music performances that we often see in filmed versions of the story.

Of course, you will also be treated to Mary’s piano skills and a real ballroom dance.


Elizabeth Bennet

Manon Julicher

Jane Bennet

Esther van der Werf

Mary Bennet

Fleur van der Wiel

Lydia Bennet

Beata Schrier

Kitty Bennet

Anneloes Vermeer

Mr. Bennet

Aabhas Srivastava

Mrs Bennet

Lotte van der Velden

Mr. Darcy

Maarten Stolk

Mr. Wickham

David Kottelenberg

Mr. Collins

Max Philippi

Mr. Bingley

Alexander Hoppe

Caroline Bingley

Türkü Köksel

Mrs. Gardiner

Karen Holt

Lady Catherine de Bourgh / Bennet servant / party guest

Lily Wang

Georgiana Darcy / Mrs. Reynolds / Bennet servant

Josephine Roos

Charlotte Lucas

Marly Terwisscha Van Scheltinga


Text adaptation and director

Alexandra van Kampen


Anneloes Vermeer


Esther van der Werf


Marly Terwisscha van Scheltinga

Poster and logo design

Max Philippi

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